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Ceramic endmill SWISSCERAMILL

Kern Mikrotechnik experiment

Keramikfräser wurden entwickelt um höhere Standzeiten bei Buntmetallen, Leichtmetallen und Kunststoffen zu erreichen. Durch ein spezielles Keramikwerkstoff basierend aus Zirkonoxid und spezielle Schleifverfahren sind wir nun in der Lage Standzeiten gegenüber Hartmetalle um mindestens das 5x, 10x bis zu 20x zu erreichen. Zahlreiche Tests bei Kunden beweisen es eindrücklich.
SwissCeraMill ceramic endmills

The 21st century poses entirely new challenges for materials. Zirconia ceramics belong to the family of high-performance ceramics. It has a special role to play in applications where severe thermal, chemical and/or mechanical stresses are present.

Swissceramill ceramic milling cutters have the potential to be the next generation of milling tools in the machining of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, brass and plastics.

Swissceramill ø6mm from Kern Mikrotechnik

BSQ TECH GmbH was asked by Kern Mikrotechnik on March 1, 2021 to test the ceramic milling cutters Swissceramill on their high precision and dynamic machines.

But what was the reason for this request we wanted to know? This is the answer from Kern Mikrotechnik.

"You guys are all the rage on Instagram right now. I'm sure you've already seen that we, as a Kern company, have quite a large presence on Instagram:

Almost every day, people write to me asking whether we, as the "spearhead of machining", have already tested the BSQ ceramic milling cutter and whether it is any good. Since I always have to say at this point that I have no idea, and have not yet seen one in use.

This offer and the request to test the ceramic milling cutter SwissCeraMill we have positively agreed. We are looking forward to working with the best in the milling industry.

BSQ TECH GmbH agrees to cooperate with Kern Mikrotechnik to test the ceramic milling cutters.

We would like to clarify unequivocally here in advance that BSQ TECH GmbH provided the ceramic milling cutters free of charge and without any involvement in the process development. The task of Kern Mikrotechnik was to test the potential of the Swissceramill ceramic milling cutter with the Kern milling machine.

Our goal is to provide full transparency of the tests to the customers.

Test No. 1 in milling with Swisscermill ø6mm with a feed rate of 17500 mm/min.

As a first test we made a ø6mm in milling with a side feed of 2.4mm.

Swissceramill ø6mm z=3

The material was aluminum Al EN-AW 5083.

n=39000 1/min (machine upper limit)

Vc=735 m/min (machine upper limit)

Vf=17500 mm/min



Statement core microtechnology machinery engineer

"I call it an aluminum vaporizer!"

This video has made very big waves in social media and caused an incredibly great interest to this new technology of ceramic cutters Swissceramill.

BSQ TECH GmbH in collaboration with Kern Mikrotechnik have proven here that this tool can literally revolutionize the machining of aluminum. This makes us all very confident for the future.

Test No. 2 in milling with Swissceramill ø6mm at a feed rate of 30000 mm/min.

As a second test, we performed a ø6mm in milling with a side feed of 2.0mm.

Swissceramill ø6mm z=3

The material was aluminum Al EN-AW 5083.

n=39000 1/min (machine upper limit)

Vc=735 m/min (machine upper limit)

Vf=17500 mm/min



The first test left many visitors speechless that a ceramic milling cutter allows such high feed rates.

Afterwards, many asked whether the feed rate could be increased even further.

In response, KERN Mikrotechnik carried out a test at 30000 mm/min.

What was the result of this test?

1: We have shown new possibilities to mill even faster.

2: We astonished the public with what a ceramic milling cutter can do.

3: Many machine manufacturers have contacted us for further development of their machines.

4: We received many requests from customers to test the tools on their machines.

CONCLUSION from this trial:

Swissceramill's ceramic cutters have a very great potential to improve manufacturing and thus generate profits.

The ceramic cutters from Swissceramill have proven that they have many advantages that need to be used properly.

The ceramic cutters from Swissceramill can be used flexibly, both in the shed but also in the finishing.

We are very grateful to the company KERN Mikrotechnik to test the potential of our Swissceramill ceramic cutters to the limits.

Test No. 3 in milling with Swissceramill ø8mm in full cut with a feed rate of 7500 mm/min.

As a third test, we performed a ø8mm in full cut milling.

Swissceramill ø8mm z=3

The material was aluminum Al EN-AW 5083.

n=39000 1/min (machine upper limit)

Vc=700 m/min (machine upper limit)

n=27850 1/min

Vf=17500 mm/min




Many companies wanted to mill with the Swissceramill in full cut and asked for a video and demonstration.

We then carried out a full cut milling test with a ø8mm ceramic milling cutter from Swissceramill.

Now it is proven that with Swissceramill all machining strategies are possible and therefore no limits are set to the tool.

This ceramic milling cutter Swissceramill is an all-rounder in machining at the highest LEVEL.

You would like to order or have questions about Swissceramill?


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