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Advanced Ceramics


Engineering ceramics have some unique properties that make them attractive for many applications, including high hardness, strength and stiffness, corrosion and wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and low coefficients of thermal expansion.

Technical ceramics are therefore already used in many industrial sectors, such as mechanical engineering, electronics, medical technology, aerospace and the automotive industry.

Our development of ceramic milling cutters makes the potential for your application clear to you.


Are you looking for a reliable partner to realize your projects in technical ceramics such as MACOR, aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, silicon nitride and silicon carbide, then send us your request and we will make you an offer in less than 48 hours.

Who are we?

Our company has set itself the goal of using the advantages of technical ceramics and creating new products with added value for all industries.

Our task as an engineering and trading company is to bring your products to a higher level, to ensure 100% quality and to keep production costs low at all times.

Get in touch with us and let us advise you in a non-binding discussion.

Product of the month in technical ceramics


Green compacts, also known as blanks or raw parts, are unfinished or semi-finished ceramic parts used in watchmaking. Ceramic is valued in the watch industry for its hardness, scratch resistance and durability. The use of ceramics in watch components has increased in recent years, particularly in high-end and modern watches.

The production of ceramic green bodies for the watch industry takes place in several steps, which we help our customers to implement.


Our services in technical ceramics at a glance

Unser Leistungen

Advanced Ceramics

Advanced Ceramics

Ceramic end mill and carbide end mill

Advanced Ceramics

ceramic end mill

Advanced Ceramics

Successfully realized projects in technical ceramics


Our process in technical ceramics

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Send us your request for technical ceramics.

We help you.

We will contact you immediately and discuss your technical drawing.


In everything we do, we firmly believe that we can increase the value of products with technical ceramics.
We firmly believe in looking at the tasks set from multiple perspectives and always working out the best solutions.  
The technical ceramics is the material of the future that enables very innovative products.


We also focus on the individual wishes of our customers in order to develop and manufacture unique products in technical ceramics, with the knowledge of always delivering the best Swiss quality.
Technical ceramics can be used in all industries where improvements and maximum performance are required.


Technical ceramics offer excellent mechanical, thermal and chemical properties, which are brought to peak performance.
Together with our supply partners and research institutes in the development and production of technical ceramics, we supply you with all types of ceramics in all sizes, quantities and in the desired quality.


Trust us, technical ceramics is the material of the future and offers excellent opportunities and solutions for many industries.
We look forward to realizing your product ideas in technical ceramics together with you and to top performance . 

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