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Ceramic watches not only stand for timeless elegance, but also represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. In this fascinating fusion of aesthetics and functionality, manufacturing quality plays a crucial role and this is where we come into play. Our service focuses on supporting and perfecting the manufacturing process of ceramic watches to ensure that each watch not only impresses on the outside, but also meets the highest standards of durability and technical sophistication.

The aesthetic advantages of ceramic watches are unmistakable - the smooth, silky surface gives them a timeless beauty, while the variety of colors and light weight open up new horizons in the world of design. Our service is designed to accompany watchmakers and manufacturers through every step of the production process, from the selection of high-quality raw materials to the implementation of innovative technologies that help ensure the unique grace and quality of ceramic watches.

Join us as we delve into the world of technical precision and artistic sophistication as we work together to create ceramic watches that not only measure time, but also leave a lasting impression. Our expertise is at your disposal to ensure that every ceramic watch that sees the light of day is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and design.

Ceramic watch design

We develop watches in technical ceramics for our customers. Our main task is the selection of the right ceramic materials, design optimization, ensuring the manufacturing process, quality management and complete project management up to series production.


Are you looking for a partner to help you create your next ceramic watch?

BSQ TECH has several years of experience and realized several ceramic watches.


Ceramic colors

Color options for engineered ceramics can be more limited compared to traditional ceramics as the main priority is often on functional properties. Here are some of the common colors and colorants that can be used in technical ceramics.

It is important to note that the choice of colors depends heavily on the specific requirements of the technical application. In many cases, the use of dyes or intense colors can be avoided to preserve the purity and function of the technical ceramics.


Complex geometries in ceramic watches

In watchmaking, ceramic watches have ushered in a revolution by enabling complex geometries with the same precision as metal watches. The strength and lightness of ceramic open up new design possibilities, from ornate bezels to faceted cases. Advances in machining technology, including CNC techniques and laser engraving, have meant that ceramic watches can now be manufactured with the same attention to detail as metal watches. This advancement not only underlines the equivalence of ceramic watches, but also sets new standards in artistic sophistication and technical brilliance that masterfully capture the complexity of time.

Ceramic watch.png

CNC machining green parts

Green compacts, also known as blanks or raw parts, are unfinished or semi-finished ceramic parts used in watchmaking. Ceramic is valued in the watch industry for its hardness, scratch resistance and durability. The use of ceramics in watch components has increased in recent years, particularly in high-end and modern watches.

The production of ceramic green bodies for the watch industry takes place in several steps, which we help our customers to implement.


Hard machining of ceramic watches

Hard machining of ceramic watches plays a key role in creating precise and robust timepieces. Due to the hardness and brittleness of ceramics, machining requires special diamond tools. Precision CNC machines enable fine details and complex housing shapes. The sintering process at high temperatures gives the ceramic its final hardness. Laser engraving technologies are used to apply precise markings and fine patterns. Hard machining ensures that ceramic watches are not only aesthetic but also maintain their outstanding durability by using the latest technology and precision tools.

Ceramic watch.png

Ceramic bezel

A colored ceramic bezel is a stylish and technically sophisticated component used in watchmaking. The bezel is the ring-shaped part of a watch that surrounds the dial and is often used to set functions such as diver time or speed.

The production of colored ceramics requires special techniques to achieve the desired colors and surface effects. These techniques may include coloring the ceramic mass itself, applying colors or coatings to the surface, and firing at high temperatures to fix the colors and achieve the desired hardness.

Overall, a colored ceramic bezel offers not only aesthetic benefits but also functional benefits for watch lovers looking for a durable and attractive watch.

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