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Isostatisch Pressen Keramikstäbe


Isostatic pressing is used to produce uniformly compacted blanks and large bodies that are suitable for subsequent machining in the green state. Simple rubber molds initially require simple raw molds.

This shape is recommended for demanding prototype and small series production, but can also be fully automated for certain products (spark plugs, grinding balls, smaller pistons, welding nozzles).
The isostatic powder presses enable the fully automatic, near-net-shape shaping of ceramic tableware as well as technical functional and structural parts. Complex geometries and shapes can also be produced economically with this process in large quantities and with consistent quality.
The CIP cold isostatic pressing process in elastic molds enables a homogeneous distribution of density over the entire body. Distortion and cracking due to uneven shrinkage during sintering can be largely avoided.
The consistent, controlled automation of all process steps is characteristic of the dry isostatic press systems. Controlled isostatic compression is standard.
Starting with the granulate supply, through the press and the tool system to automated post-processing, we offer complete solutions tailored to the specific application.

We would be happy to support you in realizing your parts with this process.

Isostatisch Pressen
Keramikdüsen aus Aluminiumoxid

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