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Lot size from 1 piece

All shapes and geometries can be produced

Fast delivery

Inclusive coating



Whether you want to modify a standard tool or need a completely new special tool, we will solve it for you!

Together with you, we will develop the optimal milling cutter for your application.

For example form cutters, step reamers, countersinks, step cutters and much more.

With us you can implement your special tools quickly and easily:

  • You send us the relevant construction drawings of your workpieces by email.

  • We design the right cutting tool for it.

  • Then your form milling cutters will be manufactured on 5 or 6-axis CNC tool grinding machines.

We only use pure lubricating oil for tool cooling, no emulsion.

This leads to an exceptionally good surface quality, excellent cutting edge quality and a particularly long service life.

Every order is archived with a worldwide unique documentation software.

For you this means that you can reorder any form milling cutter or special tool that we have manufactured for you at any time!

Our flexible working methodology and powerful technology enable us to react quickly.

With us you don't have to wait long, regardless of whether it is a one-off production or a larger series.

Special tools

  • According to customer requirements

  • All shapes are possible (cylindrical, conical, concave, convex, ...)

  • All geometries for materials to be processed up to ∅ 32mm

  • According to DXF file or drawing

  • NEW - In technical ceramics

  • In solid carbide

  • Quantities from 1 piece possible

  • Inclusive coating

It is also possible to produce basic body shapes which then have to be electroplated.


delivery terms

  • Graduated prices according to the offer

  • Delivery date according to offer

  • Framework contract possible (keep blanks in stock for quick production and delivery)

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